Poetry- A Problem


I love how poetry can speak to all ears differently.

While you pick up my subtleties,

they pick up my references.

It’s always an altering chain of respect.

You could love me.

They could hate me.

My thoughts and verbiage are my own.

For the sake of your ear,

please try to understand my tongue.

We all express, feel, and relay information.

Let us all try to understand the universal message.


17 thoughts on “Poetry- A Problem

  1. It’s what allows poetry the power to act, the openness of interpretation. It allows the reader to share in the creation of the piece because a poem is incomplete without a reader

    1. Interpretation is the writer greatest friend and enemy… It allows one’s work to go place they never conceived. I have to disagree with part two, I think an audience is nice, but I never write to be read… Necessarily

      1. But that’s if you consider yourself a non reader. Even if you wrote the poem for yourself the completion of the poem comes when you read it as a concrete piece. I have read poems I wrote long ago and interpreted them differently from what I had originally planned because of my changed outlook on life.

  2. I liked the poem. Especially the first 8 lines. They , for me, stand on their own and are powerful, delicate. I love the ” I love how poetry can speak to all ears differently.

    The last lines became a little too preachy for me. That’s if you want feedback. I also got caught on the word “verbiage” in line 7.
    I do love how poetry speaks… even sings and dances and swirls.


  3. I love it. People receive information differently and I believe the same for poetry! Nicely put and continue writing. Thanks for following and liking my post…muah!

  4. Hello,

    Poetry truly is a very personal and perspectivally tilted pursuit, one that the reader either gets or does not. Better yet, if a reader falls into the writing and finds something personal and of his own in there, that is gold. In the end we can never write for others, only for ourselves and sometimes, once in a while, the writer and the reader align.

    BTW, thank, you for the follow on Through The Cracked Window.


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