Taking cerebration, 
bottling waters to create winery, 
configuring truths into 
powerful, truncated 
richness, with precise


Lacking substance, 
a grace note, 
giving play 
to a traumatized 
and recognizing 
pity in the performance. 

Song Lyrics


I find myself abandoned. 
I just can stand this, 
when you’re met with the test, 
unholy rest, and godlessness 
as my crest. 
How am I derived? 
The same two cents 
I threw to thrive 
sent me to poverty, 
forming payments, 
from the thoughts I’ve denied. 
I lied to protect the mood, 
detected what was killing you, 
down the drinks to effect the smooth, 
giving too much was my crowning jewel. 
Now, they’ve mined the blood diamonds, 
good riddance of a polished fool, 
as they watched the reds 
send me to the sea marooned. 



Furnace barren 
of wood and coal. 
Front steps full
of Autumn lust. 
Windows hold
their mouths open, 
letting air escape through 
slivered mouths. 
Antique roof crumples under 
impossible endurance. 
“Just one more year.” 
Water seeps into the
floors from a much
ambitious storm, 
first filling the lake
then making its way
to grandpa’s doorstep.
Knock, Knock.
No answer.
Hasn’t been since 1995. 
Age left pockets
full of dust, 
widowed frame of a home, 
full of knowledge, 
knowing it’s almost time to go.