Pulling Lanterns


Pulling lanterns from the crippled blackness,
flammable tree-sheds attempt
to huddle.
Hesitant lights flare to wake life,
a reminder that skeletons
can escape closets.

Masked youth tally
sugar rushes
while parents warms hands;
eyeing the night in fear of
headless men, egg bombs,
or their insignificant other
finding out about their
external martial affairs.

The scare that escapes
your digital square,
“Did I forget to delete this?”
Child’s pillowcase jumpstarts your heart,
how many have worn this reversed mask
in a slumber
from a slumberful marriage?

Lanterns carry the cold air,
burning down.
Phone is exhausting the last fumes.
Hopeful that the neighborhood cannot watch tonight, nor see anything,
forever more.


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