Her thin, acid washed jeans. 

She must cover her acid torn skin. 

Her chariot awaits for her 16 year old love. 

She was penalized for a rejected marriage. 

Her concept of the world ranges from coast to coast. 

She, along with her father, will take on the world politically. 

Her fragility outlines her intellect. 

She will reconfigure a culture. 

*I recently came across a Tumblr post that discussed the same issue that I heard on the radio (NPR) — public attacks on women using acid.  This is a shaming technique used on many women.  One sixteen year old in particular — I can’t recite the name at the moment— alongside her father, are trying to penetrate the government and make her a public figure.  In her country, women are not fully educated like men and are often treated as property.  This shaming technique leaves me ill when I think of the men that have done this. Please just consider the lack of humanity all over the world…


2 thoughts on “Change*

  1. I have heard of this for many years. Its very sad.. humanity there is no such thing. We are just demons in human bodies.

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