Bullying in School


I recently watched a documentary on school bullying. I have to be honest, it was very tough to watch. I was never bullied and barely saw it in my school, but I know it exists to the highest level. To see growing children become adults quickly and see no purpose for life is… devastating.  I am sure we have all heard these stories, but why has it changed so little over time? My answer revolves around the mistreatment of the education system.  I believe it forms around the fundamental element: teachers.

The film gave me the sense that, with the pay for teachers, they truly have the most difficult job.  Think about it: teachers have to be a full-time educator, babysitter, and psychologist all at once.  They not only have to teach, they have to scout the halls and classes for issues and correct them.  They have to come home with the issues from school and deal with their own family situations. I believe I am stating some very obvious information, but it is still a topic to be analyzed.  Bullying and the treatment of teachers are intertwined issues— they have cause and effect.

To stop bullying is unrealistic; To have parents, teachers, students and administration working for one cause seems too difficult. I think teachers are human and look out for their students almost as parents would. We overvalue celebrities and people we barely know, overlooking the ones that look over their children.  My message may be lost in this post, but I am saying these things for a few reasons.

We need to treat teachers with much higher regard.  Their is a need for high quality professionalism in the high school, even middle school, setting.  With higher pay comes highly qualified teachers.  We also need to look out for one another. I know many students are in high school and overlook bullying.  It is as simple as showing someone you care; we do not need to live in a setting of little compassion— at least lend a hand. Bullying is poisonous to our society.  It doesn’t promote a proper environment, and we need to respect the students enough to have the proper protection in their teaching staff.

Bullying outlines our negative features as a society. Let’s try to figure out a solution. Here is a link to the movie title: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1682181/ .


9 thoughts on “Bullying in School

  1. As a middle school teacher, I agree with your statement that we are often overlooked while celebrities are worshipped. I’m not sure though that increasing our pay would result in less bullying.

    To say that the issue has changed little over years because of the mistreatment of the education system removes all responsibility from the home. Parents. guardians, educators, communities as a whole must work as one to encourage children to treat others with respect. We cannot lay blame solely on one institution.

    Bullying has gone beyond the classroom or school yard. Cyber bullying is rising exponentially and this is where parents must take on the responsibility of monitoring their child’s use of P.E.D.

    Like any profession, there are those that are in it for their own personal reasons. But I think you’ll find that the majority of teachers, are dedicated to their profession and do all they can to educate and guide students.

    1. I am saying a few things. Teachers should be paid more to do multiple jobs. I am also saying that family life is something completely out of control. Bullying is not stoppage at all. I understand that teachers want to help and do, but with that responsibility should come higher pay and better treatment.

      I understand what you are saying completely. I see and know cyber bullying even at the age of 23. I am saying let’s control one factor. I know teachers will care and are able to do something, and they should be rewarded.

      I also mentioned that this really falls on three to five groups of people. The education system in the United States is far from perfect and it will only get worse over time, I believe. To have lower paying jobs in teaching means less care to detail — which includes bullying. I just want the proper treatment for the teachers so they continue to be a factor, and that other groups (administration, parents, peers) take notice of the issue and act on it. Cyber bullying is almost completely controlled by the students and of course they must report it. I was simply giving one aspect.

  2. Take all your views and all your opinions and bring them into the classroom. It will be great to have yet another carrying and informed teacher to help better our profession!

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