Grow Up


When I grow up
   I must memorize my faults
   and cast them against my successes
   to see who changed in the autumn turn.

The leaves would fill the backyard.
The gust of air told us when football had arrived.
My body battled between short sleeves and sweatshirts.

When I grow up
    I need to enjoy my work
    and help others, as if
    to help myself.

I wasn’t always charitable.
Something struck me enough to pursue kindness.
I clasped the hands of others in need.

When I grow up
   I need to expel my hobbies
   and truly understand what
   defines me as an individual.

I used to pride myself on my skills.
Now, I can barely see if they mean much.
I think some of my talents are childish.

The beauty of growing up
   is never knowing if you are
   going to survive one day
   or fall under your own weaknesses.


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