Two Souls


He rushed through his work as if the weekend would come faster. Constantly clicking from one page to the next, he was hopeful that the next was the last.  His chair sought readjustment to which he provided relief.  What a nervous tick to his general movements.  He picked at his thumb skin with his pointer finger nail.  His constant facial tweaks were enough to bother him. His hair would find a way to stand straight up on the top of his head.  His mind would bubble like the water cooler on the occasional hour.

She rushed in swirls around the outskirts of town.  She was comfortable being a stranger to the places she stayed, even if it was technically her home now. Ease was within her when she could find time to be close to water.  There was something in its movement.  There was something is its bubbly foam she wish she had.  But she was a content soul. Sleeping next to her dreams, she wandered like the break of the ocean.  Her life sought readjustment, but she only sought shelter in the roughest of storms.  Her soul was a rain coat.


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