Where Does Time Waste?


Where does all the time waste? 
I have yet to understand or spot 
a particular place. 
I only know, in finer taste, 
that a time-eater takes this space. 
I’ve ripped off shelves, racks, and rods, 
still no sign of the hungry pod. 
Who controls this or what type of God? 
Who bellies the demons to venturous nods? 
Time and time again, we lose our minds, 
while creatures afoot eat their finds. 
Alas, I’m done. I cannot find 
the time wasted in my mind. 
Where does all this time go to waste? 
Must be in the flandering it takes 
to find this space.


8 thoughts on “Where Does Time Waste?

  1. Hi, thanks for the follow! There’s something about this poem that really drew me in. Must be about the whole ‘time-being-wasted’ thing; I ask that question too many times! Looking forward to more. 🙂

  2. I wondered too, where does time go? Down a hole? I do not know. Mumm… I like your poem VERY, VERY MUCH!
    Also wanted to Thank You for the ‘Follow’ on my blog! 😀

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