• Frustration comes to those who are bound to the book.  When one flips the page and leave the experience hovering over emptiness. If you could not read, you could no educate yourself. If you could not educate yourself, you could not make a living. You would blankly stare into the cream colored pages with small figures spiraling into the center of the page.  You attempt to place a finger to the cover, feeling at its skin like a puppy, trying to arouse a sense of friendship. Instead, you are pricked by the small big of sharpness that is literacy. “Read the book.” I wish it was that simple.  You seemed troubled by your past.
  • From cover to cover you are nothing more than the immovable story that is placed between your contorted fingers.  The book mocks you with words so large and so small; you disappear between the pages and are closed upon like a bug squashed. Maybe you can overcome your weakness and be the student rather than the stubborn.  Maybe you can live within a realm of education and not struggle over third grade material. Maybe you were unfortunate enough to never be placed in a magical land filled with dreams and parents that gave a damn.  Maybe, they should have read you your nighttime tales and help you sound along.

2 thoughts on “Pages

  1. Very well worded, I had to read this thrice to be sure I captured the thoughts precisely, a superb piece that really hit home, thank you for sharing this. Keep smiling and keep writing,
    Baldy 🙂

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