I’ve never worn pink, nor had I the desire, but my singly lover went to a store, with me in mind, and purchased this fiery attire. I was apprehensive to stick out my neck, like a giraffe so conscious of his. Yet, I went with it for her sake, and bought a tie to match, wrapping paper for the surprise gift.
I went to work today dressed in pink. I am surprised by what people actually think.
I do not look foolish, or flamboyant, or too casual. I have the flash and aesthetic of a young, confident man, nothing unusual.
No groans or bellows or chuckles forth, nothing strikes me with remorse; It’s just a day that takes its course.
On and on, I do wear something that would make me swear that color is just an effect, a matching ensemble almost all perfect.

In a way, a very quisitive way, this all does make me think, What is so wrong with wearing pink?


5 thoughts on “Pink

  1. Reminds of the more modern adage of “real men wear pink”. Yet, there is a level of light humor and pleasant surprise. There is nothing at all wrong with wearing a pink shirt…it is, after all, just a color. Enjoyed it.

      1. Such has always been the focal flaw of society. It’s fickle perspective and often double edged standards for male and female alike.

  2. Colour has two aspects. One is social and cultural. One is hard-wired into biology. As wavelengths of energy what we call ‘colour’ directly affects the functioning of the hypothalamus and through that to the whole endocrine system. In fact, at a molecular level, colour changes the speed of all chemical reactions. At a cultural level, these biological effects become emphasised or modified in different ways, depending on prevalent belief structures.
    Pink is culturally interesting because up until the beginning of the 20th century it was the colour in which to dress baby boys. Blue was for girls. Somehow it got swivelled around so that pink got linked to archetypal femininity…..( maybe that original choice was an aspect of the spiritual disguise often adopted to ‘protect’ or ‘hide’ boy children from malevolent spirits by dressing them as girls)….

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