What Do You Expect?


Blind is separate
from the vision
that appears
under stairwells
and through the
lock of a key.

Carried only a
few hundred feet
before being dropped
into a glass
only large enough
for wine tasting.

Random assortment
of words and phrases
create a unique image
in your mind that
looks much different than
my own, but I see
success in all thought.

Growing intellectual
bodies like salt water
baths across the nation
and into the foreign territory.
Grab at the muscles that
tense up in heated battle,
including you mouth that
runs like a perpetuating waterway.

I navigate to a place with
snacks to last a while,
before I must sneak away
back to the topic of the
first stanza. I am in
luck, the man is blind,
so I may slip back into
cover unnoticed.


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