Seperation Anxiety


Separation grows
like an unknown expanse.
We rely on our hearts
for speaking to our hatred
of being apart.
Bubbling excitement
sits on the calendar
on days of your arrival,
but I shake on days
marked with your departure.
We are lovers wherever we are.
We love no matter what place we occupy,
together or apart.
I feel a slight tension in my brow
and sweat down my cheek
thinking about times apart
when we sleep.
I want to wake every morning
to your glow.
I want to be with you in rain, sun, darkness, or snow.
I want to embark forever on your lips
whenever I feel such an urge.
Impossible at times to hear your voice as a physical force,
its speaks to me softly,
words of love in my mind.
I have anxious thoughts when we are apart,
but I know, in time, we won’t have to be
worlds away.


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