Femme Fatal


Caught in a bond of undeniably passion,
I blow her a kiss with my eyes from across the room.
She seems to hover over the ground quickly,
following me wherever I go.
I knew she was the type of girl that
would cause me to do things
undeniably sinister.
I imagine kissing her,
but I take a deep breath in meditation.
She quickly consumes me by
forcing conversation,
and I am trapped.
She might as well
place a gun in my hands.
I am bargaining with
a soul that only
parts in self interest.
Her flirting is like
playing chess with
the reaper,
I knew I couldn’t win
and she was a talent
beyond human skin.
Her eyes read tales of
murderous thoughts
and gruesome sexual behaviors.
I wasn’t myself when we locked eyes.
i was hers.
She asked me to go home,
so I went.
This was like following my fate
to a long corridor bleeding
with all the wrong things.
her body spoke to
me because she told it to.
I was lost.
She took the wheel.


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