Grow and prosper in the eyes
of a maniac.
He who has taught you how to kill
will teach you how to eat.
He shows you how to suck the blood
right from the source.
Taste is less of the point;
Dominance is the goal.
Take those crazy thoughts
and transform them into
a play of flesh and bone.
He wants your to wear their
He wants you to flip out your
pocket knife and start surgery.
Light, classical music beams
through your empty mind
as he stands in the brush to watch.
Death is a treat to them
from him.
Shock never hits the nerves,
it only trickles down the victims body.
Childish melodies dance
like Red Rover,
except the chain is much stronger
than a few classmates.
This chain cuffs their neck
and dangles them like the
monkey bars.
Progress in work.
Killer in training.


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