Fortunately, A Fortune You Seek


Unfortunately, A fortune is what you need
for the needs that you favor.
You favor one leg,
you move as slow as a snail.
Fail to move, you will slowly
be consumed
by the greed and the filth
and the rot that consumes.
Bleed them dry
until they cannot speak;
you like a vampire,
full and filled belly,
turned an honest soul
into lifeless spaghetti.
Words sound kind
in some kind of familiar.
Words don’t rhyme
but these thoughts are cast out
Belt out a tune
that grants you your fortune,
or be poor enough to earn a grant
to pay you for your schooling.
Maybe, in time, the world will see
a success story in the depth of you, or even me.
Unfortunately, you will sit in the dark
and your eyes will go out
as the salivating continues
from your greedy mouth.


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