They took him to the lake
to be purified.
Told him that if he were to bathe
in the waters, his soul
would find cleanliness.

His head, slowly making ripples,
slide into the mucky shallows.
The moisture filled his cavities
and went sliding down his passages.
His eyes peaked into the darkness
that revealed mud and fish.
Air was at a premium.
The thought of his soul being touched
left him vulnerable.
Filth disappeared and
understanding gave way.

He saw a man.
In fresh, dry cloth.
He asked of him
what to do with his salvation.
He revealed eternal life.
The man could no longer hold his breath.

He violently splashed upward,
catching his breath.
He wished he was a fish
to listen to the entire message.
He learned of purity.
His cloth was now dry.

The waters seemed to clear.
Fresh salt water and giant fish
played in the sunlight.
His soul was saved.
How he was cleansed
revealed his altered view
on the water itself.


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