Sleeping Next To You


Cool air passes under the sheets
when you aren’t there.
I feel hands grabbing for my feet,
trying to take me into the winter’s breath.
You use your hands to quiet its lips,
slowly caressing my naked back.
You place a kiss on my neck.
I feel a surge down one side of my body.
I turn and face you,
just seeing the white of your eyes.
I stay locked into you as my hands
lift your waist.
I turn you away from me and
place my head to the back of your ear.
I speak to you in sweetness.
I flirt with your smile.
I place a kiss on your cheek,
a vow of protection.
Our skin mixes gently
like one source of quiet radiation.
It’s as if you float above the bed
when it feels perfect.
That simple contact puts
my mind at ease.
I sleep better than ever.


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