Napalm Daze


Our skin burned sticky and hot like trapped napalm,
chapped and melted skin.
Like plastic toy soldiers under a heating lamp,
we become malleable and contorted
into hunchbacks- deformity.
Weather kicked our butts like our mothers would
if we ate dessert before supper.
Sand is meant for counting time,
but there is so much sand that time becomes endless.
We became restless.
Bugs look like creatures from science fiction novels and films.
We can barely extract anything from this experience,
except for newly acquired distaste for travel.
Our band of brothers truly became a melting pot.
A group of soupy, sweltering people trying
to get along within these conditions.
Nothing about this place left you,
and no one was acting truly kind.
We bonded in horror and heat,
killing giant bugs and playing in sand.
The sun glows with a fury that can’t be masked.
Miles upon miles reak of desert, leaving us to die or fight.
Nothing glorious like Vietnam,
just pulled off limbs like we were truly toy soldiers.


2 thoughts on “Napalm Daze

  1. This is powerful and tangible and painful and a lot of other adjectives. The references/dichotomy with childhood (playing in sand, toy soldiers) is really well-done.

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