Humanity Falls


I met a man out in Phoenix that told me to never look directly at the sun. He told me that anyone who stared at the sun wouldn’t be blinded, but they would be faced with the one thing that truly haunts humanity.

I challenged his opinion and told him that I was the one who could stare at the sun. He laughed at my foolishness and told me again what would happen if I stared into the Sun. I stared at the man as it he was a fool himself. I brushed him off. This caused him to smile and walk towards the hotel entrance, slowly disappearing.

I was ignorant and tested his theory. I stared into the sky. I noticed not a cloud in the sky. All that existed was a large globe of burning heat. I attempted to look into the beast. At first, I could handle it. Slow roast over my retinas. Gradually, I lost my eyesight. I looked away and kept blinking. Flashes of the world in double vision, hot red and cool blue. I regained my sight.

Like a fool, I challenged the sun once more. This time I locked onto the orb. I stared and stared. At this point, the man’s message rang in my head telling me how I will face what truly haunts humanity. I stared and stared…and laughed. Nothing came from the sky.  I began to break my sight from the sky and my vision disappeared. I saw flashes of chaos and worldly hate. I saw people killing people, families destroying themselves, mass destruction. I saw men pleading for peace but hate loomed overhead, slicing the men into pieces. I saw war. I knew that hate was strong. I saw the evil seep into every soul. I saw that this is reality. I saw the evil in every man’s eye, including my own. I saw my flaw. I saw my immediate faults. I saw why the world should burn.

The man returned and confronted me. My vision was slowly returning piece by piece. He asked me what I had seem, and I told him how evil we are as a society. I told him that as long as I know we are so heartless, my humanity is less than human. I told him of the guilt and shame we all must exist with. My vision cleared. The man smiled and vanished into the air.  I saw a man dissolve into a whisper. I saw the truth behind humanity.


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