What Was Never Needed


Hide me. Hide me. I hid in the laurels,
when you collapsed me, sat on my morals.
Abused your adulthood, privy the truth,
made me bite into forbidden fruit just to loosen a tooth.
In every bit of pain, you refined the pleasure,
screaming I lost it all, you love listening, measure for measure.
Sinister flails left irremovable trails on my core.
I ran to the fields, the laurels, covered my ears on the floor.
Cold my blood ran while you had your fun,
while I tried to escape into a loaded gun.
Oh, how I wish I had hide in the pastures.
If only the fields were filled with asters.
But alas, I remain in the horned brush,
locked and loaded while amongst the rough.
The field I hide in resents my acts,
hell leaps into my lover’s dead, cold tracks.


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