Father’s Ode


This was the night,

the only night,

he showed weakness.

He felt like he was looking in a mirror

cast next to him in blood and youth.

Jaws of Life, ravenously at work,

couldn’t free the imprisoned youth.

Yet, he was released within seconds,

Suspended above the crowd.

Father sits mortified.

Lost in a river of thoughts that

can only pull you in, the River Of Styx.

He asks the ferryman for safe passage,

but he is denied as a living soul.

Where can a father go?

The ambulance pulls away,

night ended in tragedy.

Father soaks his clothing in

fiery emotions.

He remembers something

from one of the firemen,

“Wreck not in your soul

for mercy is not graced to those

purely by asking for it.

Moments are cast in a false shadow

of good and evil.

In the end,

we will all be joined for one

final song.”

Months passed

and moved on.

Father never lost the boy;

he just lost himself.

They shall meet again,

They shall meet again.


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