Rainy Nights


Rain knocks on the window as the boy looks to answer.

He knows not yet of what wonder a storm brings.

Again, knocking at the window startles the boy.

He thinks of the angry monsters playing tricks on him.

Bravest boy comes to greet the monster but only sees his tears.

The boy runs and slides quickly into the kitchen.

He comes back to the window with milk and cookies.

He opens the window and deposits the treats.

He exclaims, “Take this treat Monster! I don’t want you crying at my window.”

The boy closes the window and steps away.

The rain knocks and knocks and….stops.

The boy, scribbling on some paper with crayons, looks up in amazement.

He goes to the window and shouts, “Mr. Monster, how was your treat?”

Just then, lighting strikes the sky and thunder rolls into the boy’s ears.

“Wow, Mr. Monster, that was one large burp! You must have love the snack!”

The boy no longer fears the skies, rain, or Monster.

Nights later, rain strikes.

The boy gets excited and opens his window.

“Mr. Monster, where are you?”

The rain continues to fall.

“Why are you so sad and why come to my window?”

The boy again runs to the kitchen and returns with treats.

He deposits the treats and steps away.

The rain knocks and knocks and…stops.

The boy runs quickly to the window and looks out.

He thinks he sees the Monster’s tail slithering on the side of the house.

He runs to the backyard and spots the monster.

He gets to the porch in his yard.

Suddenly, there is a large crack and flash of light.

The boy is startled, but he knows it’s the monster.

“Don’t be afraid, little Monster.”

He goes to the monster and sees that

It’s just a few of his father’s yard tools.

“Mr. Monster, you are a sneaky one.”

The boy runs back to the house.

That night the boy dreams of playing with the Monster

And how much fun it would be.

Mr. Monster only comes out when the boy is scared.

Rain and shine, the boy waits for the Monster,

But he only sees him in his dreams.

“Mr. Monster, Mr. Monster, where are you now,”

The boy says when the next storm comes.

He sits and the window and begins to dream.

He hears the knocking just like before.

He opens his eyes and sees Mr. Monster.

“Hello, my friend,” says Mr. Monster.

“Hello,” says the boy.

“I can’t wait to play and have fun!”

“Me either! What can we do?”

The two play inside, outside, hopscotch, and tag.

The two play hide-and-seek, eat, and draw pictures.

The night grows long and the boy falls asleep.

The Monster says, “Wait, You mustn’t fall asleep.”

The boy is confused and asked right away,

“What do you mean, I just saw you when I was awake?”

Mr. Monster looks and nods to the boy.

“You are asleep now. Tomorrow night, we can play with toys.”

The boy awakens and the rain is falling.

He opens the window to find Mr. Monster.

“Mr. Monster, where are you now?”

The rain and sky grow silent.

“Oh, I see now. You are hiding! For tomorrow you will come out.”

For the whole day and most of the night, the boy played hide-and-seek.

But when we went back to bed, he saw Mr. Monster in his dreams.


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