Death Does Me No Good


My five button suit

only makes its way out

for death.

My tattered sleeves

covered in dirt and Lilly dust

tremble in the cold, sterile room.

I back into a corner.

The thick air holds me to the floor,

putting me in a coffin.

I see the line forming towards the casket.

I blink and lose sight, breathing is shortened.

My suit drops a button that takes

years to touch the floor, yet

every moment remains silent.

I am zombified, falling apart.

This place births decay.

I feel ostracized by the fog.

I feel death creating my separation,

a direct path to the bed in the room’s


I feel the false pockets of my jacket.

They are filled with holes that lead nowhere.

I blink hard and the room empties.

The fog clears and the door opens.

I step outside and lose the coat.


3 thoughts on “Death Does Me No Good

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