Gripping Passion


Instruments of love

prove pivotal in the acts.

Each piece moves like the gears of a locomotive.

Grinding, thrusting, and rallying temperature,

the existence of spiritedness lives within their expanse.

Temptation is the gasp of air and brutal whispers

in her ear.

Grabbing at her insecurities,

she slowly liquifies into perfect form,

forgetting her faults.

Finger nails sharpen as her claws draw nigh.

His back becomes a canvas for red, clinging marks.

His mouth takes her neck and draws pressure.

Turning pain into a bodily surge,

tension increases delight.

They feed off each other like

monsters, forming an obsessive touch.

Finger tips touch and toes curl.

This becomes second nature to their contact.

Visible love making fully clothed;

Souls gravitate to one violating thighs.


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