Actress, Stage Left


She is an actress in front of the stage,

Actress in front of the mirror,

Looking for a big break in any form.

Reading through the lines, the world shakes around her.

She feels alone, decrepit, and worthy of her own seeping, bodily lines.

She is a solo act even when surrounded by bodies.

What else in her life is palatable?


Does she even glisten under the spotlight anymore?

More like a withering feeling.

The city of dreams is a nightmare she never can have during her

Sleepless nights.

She uses the mirror as an ultimate form of judgment.

Learn to break through the glass, just like performing.

Discover the world beyond its physical traits.

Digest its sin. Welcome the natural pains of learning life.

Create the innate world.

See the trees, smell the world as it stops for a moment in

Your rested eyes.

Become the outcast because that allows a serene level

Of relaxation;

No disturbance, no pain, just instinctive energy

Flowing into your heart.

This meditation will recirculate her thoughts into

Healthy tendencies.

Burn the scripts that give her anything less

Than the perfect performance.

She is an actress, but she must act natural.

She feels her life- energy flowing.

She is distracted, thinking of the world’s bitterness.

Pain is real and incalculable.

Use it as a tool for progress, not a tool

To cuts to one’s core.

I prescribe resistance to your weaknesses

And putting your full energy into your craft.

Moving forward is an actress’s tool for

Never looking back at a harsh moment on stage.

Own a lifelong performance so others can look at it

As a masterful piece of art.


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