In the Mind of the Night


We were never suppose to be there.

That room was so dark and smelled of unfavorable thoughts.

The walls looked like they were on mechanical pulls 

slowly pulling towards the center of the room.

I wasn’t only trapped by you, but the room had decided

its own punishment.

Knowing I wasn’t suppose to be there,

my mind went on a vacation and came back before I even had a chance 

to think.

I wanted my mind to take me to a new reality, away from testing moments.

For the while, I was naked, empty, and alone in company.

You lay there. You, like a porcelain doll, enjoying the moment;

knowing how it soon will be over, your skin cracks a smile,

while I shatter into millions of pieces.

You lips will heal scarred; my body will only lie.

Soothed by my lack of comfort,

The walls pushed until I was sucked out of the room.

I admired the vacuum.

The scent lingered in the air, but i knew it would pass.

I still can’t look at dolls the same way.

Small, damaged smiles loom over me.

My mind takes vacations every now and then…

I rather be sucked away through a vacuum 

than relive regretful times.


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