One Missed Call


One Missed Call.

The strangling cord is attached to the phone;

The ripening vine surges with blood and ferocity.

Hanging on the ring of a phone’s call,

a husband pulls a snake from its source.

He coils it within his hands, controlling the monster.

This thin line creates a deathly separation between two souls.

Husband and wife slowly becomes hunter against the hunted.

The snake slithers towards her neck, room silenced,

and the tension increased.

One Missed Call.

Gradual pressure builds around her neck 

and the lights dim out.

She reaches for a phone call,

but the phone has been disconnected…

like her hope.

A snake turns into a sharp pain.

The pain shines and gleams with the freshness

of broken bones.

The vine that surged with juice and fury

is now draining itself… its job is done.

One Missed Call.

The skin pales. The eyes dim.

A husband takes the cord and makes a connection.

A phone call seems only to be a possible whisper.

The device for emergencies was the weapon of choice.

One Missed Call.


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